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on the trot

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishon the troton the trotBritish English informal a) SERIESone directly following another The class has been cancelled three weeks on the trot now. b) BUSY/HAVE A LOT TO DObusy doing something syn on the go I’ve been on the trot all day. trot
Examples from the Corpus
on the trotThey may well crack altogether if Blackburn could win 3 or 4 games on the trot.What about the 10 superb games he had on the trot recently?Ballet Imaginaire sold out three nights on the trot in Lincoln.In those days all the cutters were laid up on the trot piles in the river Hamble during the winter months.But Schuey was in top form and the triple world beater always looked odds-on to score his fifth win on the trot.David Rennie earned Birmingham their fourth win on the trot with his first goal for the club.We need to catch up 4 points. 4 wins on the trot will put us on course.
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