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on the turn

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishon the turnon the turnBritish English a) HEMif the tide is on the turn, the sea is starting to come in or go out b) CHANGE/BECOME DIFFERENTstarting to change, or in the process of changing Hopefully my luck was on the turn. c) DFif milk, fish, or other food is on the turn, it is no longer fresh turn
Examples from the Corpus
on the turnHeadlight controls are on the turn signal stalk, wiper controls on another stalk to the right of the steering wheel.The tide was high but on the turn, lapping sluggishly against the rocks at the river's edge.Now they hope their luck is finally on the turn.As the right leg is lifted on the turn, it should remain high and close to the body.In the passage she encountered the man who always smelt of meat on the turn.No wonder they reckon the beer's on the turn in here.Flo was denied a hat-trick when Austin McCann headed his shot on the turn off the line.The river black, flat, wide on the turn, and solid as a road.
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