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on the wane

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishon the waneon the waneLESSbecoming smaller, weaker, or less important By the fifth century, the power of the Roman Empire was on the wane. wane
Examples from the Corpus
on the waneIn the weeks beforehand, Mr Murdoch's use of e-mail had been on the wane.The influence of government agents and chief headmen, on the wane since 1920, declined still further.The vocational profession of Alpine shepherd is on the wane, an arduous life with unreliable income.But I could see that the moon above my head was really on the wane.But the conservatives' influence has lately seemed on the wane.Ten years earlier, that might have been a good move, but now Chess was on the wane.Gonzales' power was on the wane.The event coincided with New Zealand on the wane and Grant Fox paying the inevitable penalty.
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