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on the/your/its way

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishon the/your/its wayon the/your/its waya) arriving or happening soon There’s a letter on its way to you. More changes are on the way. b) travelling towards a particular place She should be on the way here by now.on the/your/its way to The ships were already on their way to the gulf c) while going from one place to anotheron the/your/its way to/out/home etc I ran out of gas on my way to the airport. Guess who I bumped into on the way home. d) (also along the way) while moving from one situation or part of your life to another Don’s had to change jobs several times along the way. e) if someone has a baby on the way, they are pregnant way
Examples from the Corpus
way to/out/home etcNor was Woosnam accommodating on the way home.Perhaps he got tired always getting his knees black on the way home from the pub!They exchanged small talk in the car on the way to the restaurant.She died on the way to the hospital.We managed, though, losing none on the way home from the lumberyard.Some media at any moment might be on the way in; others on the way out.Daisy stayed low even while I cleared the last trees on the way out.On the way out we passed Mr McCrindle's van coming in.
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