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on/upon (the) production of something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishon/upon (the) production of somethingon/upon (the) production of somethingformal when you show something Entrance is only permitted on production of a ticket. production
Examples from the Corpus
on/upon (the) production of somethingBased on the production of this absorption peak, it is possible to quantitate serum proteins by an ultraviolet-light technique.Employees are paid bonuses based upon the production of their work group over a predetermined standard.Health board workers can withdraw up to £100 each on production of their pay slip, their bank card and identification.Modern economies depend at least as much upon women's consumption of goods and services as upon production of any kind.Needless to say, the police were already familiar with the thief and absolutely delighted upon the production of such unambiguous evidence.The newly-christened Omnicoach will concentrate on the production of semi-ambulance vehicles.There are also a number of projects which concentrate on the production of materials and resources for educational use.
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