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on your own account

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishon your own accounton your own accountINDEPENDENT PERSONby yourself or for yourself Carrie decided to do a little research on her own account. account
Examples from the Corpus
on your own accountIn 1862 Smith set up in business on his own account.He was going to miss old Mr Schofield and he was disappointed on his own account too.He advanced large sums to Parliament and later invested heavily on his own account in the purchase of bishops' lands.Although his ministers were never permitted to decide matters on their own account, Victor Amadeus delegated wide administrative powers to them.They may not set up in practice on their own account for a further three years.Carrie decided to do a little research on her own account.But if the operators are set against discounting it will not prevent the agencies from doing some on their own account.The company imposed regulations on its members, but individuals still traded on their own account.
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