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once more

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishonce moreonce morea) again, and often for the last time May I thank you all once more for making this occasion such a big success. Once more the soldiers attacked and once more they were defeated. b) used to say that someone or something returns to the situation they were in before England was once more at war with France. more
Examples from the Corpus
once moreTry calling her once more.It remains only for these new actors to play it out once more.The sequence Coincides again after 260 days and the new Sacred Round begins with 1 Imix once more.Their electron traps are bleached during transport but after sedimentation and burial they begin to accumulate electrons once more.The voices and noise around them became apparent once more, a tide of excited news, a civilized clamor.Tireless, she came back once more and was condemned to death.He settled once more on the ceiling.And after the computer once more refuses to load the game, you type mouse. exe at the Cprompt.Instead, the Packers are thriving, proving once more that sound management is the most significant factor in sports.Once more the soldiers attacked.
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