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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishoncomingon‧com‧ing /ˈɒnˌkʌmɪŋ $ ˈɑːn-, ˈɒːn-/ adjective   oncoming car/traffic etc
Examples from the Corpus
oncomingWing Chang, 70, tried to beat an oncoming car across a street.The pause became so long that Paula looked anxiously at her passenger, his face illuminated by the headlights of oncoming cars.Miss Defy screeched around a blind bend into the path of an oncoming sedan.As Yanto went through, Billy turned and hurled his stick at the oncoming stag, which hesitated slightly.We came around a bend, and soon found out why the oncoming traffic had stopped.It was left parked next to a bus stop, facing oncoming traffic, with its headlights on.What angered me most was the Gulag searchlight exposure of oncoming vehicles.
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