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oncoming car/traffic etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishoncoming car/traffic etconcoming car/traffic etcTTCTOWARDSa car etc that is coming towards you He crashed into an oncoming car. oncoming
Examples from the Corpus
oncoming car/traffic etcThe pause became so long that Paula looked anxiously at her passenger, his face illuminated by the headlights of oncoming cars.The person driving was forced to stop when Glover walked himself and Paul almost into the oncoming car.There was the fork ahead of him, and he slowed for a gap in the oncoming traffic.This will mean that you have to look only one way for the oncoming traffic.We came around a bend, and soon found out why the oncoming traffic had stopped.No oncoming traffic, he said.It was left parked next to a bus stop, facing oncoming traffic, with its headlights on.
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