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one and all

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishone and allone and allold-fashioned or formalEVERYONE everyone Apologies to one and all. one
Examples from the Corpus
one and allThe pastor is a friend to one and all.Hence, the First Amendment, which is meant to encourage gaseous emissions from one and all.Her professionalism, dedication and attitude should be an example to one and all.So Ford took concrete steps to get the idea across to one and all.Unimpeachable classics, one and all.They are one and all friendly, kind and tolerant - largely I surmise by virtue of my wife and her approachability.Marge was busy hugging one and all, including Miss Rose, who did not relish a hug.At four corners are smaller octagons, replicas in design of the large one and all very tall.Yet the program aims to treat one and all with professional respect.
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