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one and the same

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishone and the sameone and the sameSAMEthe same person or thing Muhammad Ali and Cassius Clay are one and the same. one
Examples from the Corpus
one and the sameMany of their supporters think of the two brothers as one and the same.For several long stretches, the road and a large sandy wash are one and the same.The two Taylors are one and the same.Victor and vanquished, he was beginning to think, came together in art and were one and the same.Writing as he did, Marx left the inevitable impression that he and history were one and the same.Therefore the actual being that contains each possible world is one and the same being that contains all possible worlds.At this stage we don't know if they are one and the same person.But it is still wrong to think that here research and higher education are one and the same thing.At one and the same time he seemed to accept every word and yet to be stricken with fear.
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