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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishone-dimensionalˌone-diˈmensional adjective  simple and not considering or showing all the parts of something – used to show disapproval the novel’s one-dimensional characters
Examples from the Corpus
one-dimensionalthe novel's boring, one-dimensional charactersFor example, two-dimensional animals living on a one-dimensional earth would have to climb over each other in order to get past each other.For a one-dimensional flow, the only possible attractor is a stable fixed point or sink.However, we shall be wanting also to express the specification of the device in a linear one-dimensional form.These chain structures may be regarded as one-dimensional macromolecules.To endorse one-dimensional submission is to reject the whole counsel of Scripture.Emphasis is placed on one-dimensional systems, but flat plate problems are also discussed.Munro never lets you get away with a facile, one-dimensional take.For this, the particles must be considered as point particles, i. e. having one-dimensional world-lines.
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