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one-night stand

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishone-night standˌone-night ˈstand noun [countable]  1 informal a) SYSEX/HAVE SEX WITHan occasion when two people have sex, but do not meet each other again I’m not into one-night stands. b) SYSEX/HAVE SEX WITHa person that you have sex with once and do not see again2 APMAPTa performance of music or a play that is given only once in a particular place
Examples from the Corpus
one-night standBack in California, where I came out, I was lucky to get a one-night stand.But the fact is, the show was more of a one-night stand than a true reunion.Making this into what - a one-night stand?A one-night stand with a waitress, played by Goldie Hawn, leads to her taking over his empty home.Their script is about an engaged couple whose life gets complicated when a gay one-night stand of the groom shows up.The band was exhausted from playing a succession of one-night stands around the country.Remember, the one-night stand will not he repeated.
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