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one of us

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishone of usone of usspokenMEMBER used to say that someone belongs to the same group as you, or has the same ideas, beliefs etc You can talk in front of Terry – he’s one of us. one
Examples from the Corpus
one of usYou can trust him - he's one of us.Who is he, to be provoked by one of us?If our intuitions differ, one of us at least is wrong, but we may be unable to find out which.But tomorrow any one of us could be dead.To start with, neither one of us could fly.If one of us goes through menopause, we all suffer a collective hot flash.Every one of us has prejudices of some kind in varying degrees.If one of us hits the half-century mark, we all do.He let them win, and every one of us watching the game knows it.
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