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one-pieceˈone-piece adjective [only before noun]  DCCconsisting of only one piece, not separate parts a one-piece bathing suit
Examples from the Corpus
one-pieceThe one-piece computer is only 9 inches deep; a traditional monitor used with most desktops is about 14 inches deep.Crabb was also going to wear a black rubber one-piece diving suit made by the Avon Rubber Company.Andrews snipped and sewed the masterpiece into one-piece garments.However, these will be one-piece in future, if the actual billets of maple are deep enough to allow it.The one-piece oscar went to a Leiston man for £105 and the broken one was sold for an amazing £85.An immense woman in a black one-piece suit sat like a Buddha, surrounded by a group of disco clones.B Cotton and elastane one-piece suit will please both sun worshippers and serious swimmers.
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