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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishone-stopˈone-stop adjective   one-stop shop/store etc
Examples from the Corpus
one-stopIs not there a means of creating a one-stop application in such circumstances?He was a full-service hypnotherapist, a one-stop brain wave shopping source.The companies, including Pac Bell, are eager to provide one-stop communications shopping to consumers.They have a one-stop flight via Copenhagen.The course developed by Newcastle poly which should become Northumbria University next month is a one-stop route to becoming a trainee solicitor.Southerners buy own label products and are one-stop shoppers.The attraction to consumers, Schneider said, would be one-stop shopping and possibly extra services.First is the main exception to the principle of one-stop shopping.
From Longman Business Dictionaryone-stopˈone-stop adjective [only before a noun]COMMERCE a one-stop shop, service etc provides a range of information, goods, or services that are usually only available from several different placesSome building societies are offering homebuyers a ‘one-stop’ service, including legal advice and insurance.The new helpline has been set up as a ‘ one-stop shop’ for all travel enquiries.
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