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one-stop shop/store etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishone-stop shop/store etcone-stop shop/store etcBBTSHOP/STOREa shop where you can buy many different things one-stop
Examples from the Corpus
one-stop shop/store etcOnce combined, the companies hope to provide one-stop shopping-all of their services to customers on one bill.The attraction to consumers, Schneider said, would be one-stop shopping and possibly extra services.The opening would give many franchisers their first permanent showrooms and allow for one-stop shopping by potential franchisees.The companies' will explore ways to provide one-stop shopping for utilities that want to automate many of their business functions.Their goal is to become the one-stop shopping mall of cyberspace.Intuit is now aiming to become a one-stop shopping source for anyone looking to do home banking.
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