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one-twoˌone-ˈtwo noun [countable]  DSOHITa movement in which a boxer hits his opponent with one hand and then quickly with the other Ali gives his opponent the old one-two, and it’s all over.
Examples from the Corpus
one-twoFour minutes later Bo Hansen, released after a one-two with Farrelly, scuffed his shot.The arts center was defeated by a one-two punch: loss of funding and a steep hike in rents.A sweeping attack peaked when Greenwood played a one-two with Healey before pounding in for his hat-trick.Five minutes later he worked a one-two with Jeffers before missing the target again.Ali gives his opponent the old one-two, and it's all over.It was a memorable moment for the team, the third successive one-two achieved at the Circuit de Catalunya by the partnership.It maximized my chances for making solid contact by starting with the tough ones and ending with the one-two.