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one-wayˌone-ˈway adjective [usually before noun]  1 TTRa one-way street is one in which vehicles are only allowed to travel in one direction the town’s one-way system2 TT especially American English a one-way ticket is for travelling from one place to another but not back again opp round-trip syn single British English3 ONLYa one-way process, relationship etc is one in which only one person makes any effort or provides anything
Examples from the Corpus
one-wayThe electronic one-way communication system is more than just a lock system.This will not be a matter of one-way giving, even though the suburban church has most of the material resources.This book is unlikely to go the one-way journey of most borrowed books.And whatever happens, after May 3 they're predicting a mad scramble for one-way only tickets.Too many managers act as though language were more of a one-way phenomenon.But it is, in a sense, a one-way process.a one-way streetBallymena Division Warden Street, Ballymena - single lane traffic on existing one-way street.Xeurons are normally one-way streets, but occasionally they can be forced into working backward.one-way trafficone-way systemI weighed in on Monday, got blood pressured, then drove through blinding rain into the Guildford one-way system.The first option involved simply eliminating through traffic, principally through the use of one-way systems.Unfortunately to get there I had to negotiate an amazingly convoluted one-way system.The tramway station is now effectively a traffic island, surrounded by a one-way system and linked by pedestrian crossings. 3.Enter the one-way system and take the third right into Catherine Street, Percy Street being your second left turning.Moreover, if one-way systems are introduced, cycle use is discouraged and safety is decreased by the increased vehicle speeds.The one-way systems round here can be pretty confusing.
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