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only half the story

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishonly half the storyonly half the storySECRETan explanation that is not complete, used especially to say that someone is trying to keep something secret Journalists are convinced that she was only telling them half the story. half
Examples from the Corpus
only half the storyHow could you side with them after hearing only half the story?But numbers on economic growth that look so wonderful for the emerging world tell only half the story.But this is only half the story.Obviously, television has heightened awareness of the sport, but that is only half the story.Of course, what Dooley did at the water fountain was only half the story!If only half the stories are true, this is some one who attracts trouble.The red notebook, of course, is only half the story, as any sensitive reader will understand.But that was only half the story of what was on General Kent's mind, and Harry would see that immediately.
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