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only just

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishonly justonly justBritish English a) SHORT TIMEa very short time ago She’s only just got up. b) ALMOSTalmost not syn barely I only just finished my essay in time. only
Examples from the Corpus
only justAs it turns out, though, one of the greatest albums in his catalog has only just been released commercially.However, the hard part of Operation Restore Hope may have only just begun.The great black migration from the West Side-and from the Deep South-had only just begun.It was sparsely furnished, for Anne had only just come into her inheritance, but it was newly decorated and clean.She must be dreaming, but surely she had only just gone to sleep.Unemployment is still only just half of what it was seven years ago.She remembered that he had a knack for getting people to stop shooting, and usually only just in time.