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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishonrushon‧rush /ˈɒnrʌʃ $ ˈɑːn-, ˈɒːn-/ noun [singular]  FORWARDa strong fast movement forward, or the sudden development of somethingonrush of the first onrush of the epidemiconrushing adjective the onrushing tide
Examples from the Corpus
onrushOne of the colliding plates crumples upwards and then grinds down, sliding beneath the onrush of the other.But the onrush had only begun.And how he smiled into the onrush.Nothing was important but to give in again to the onrush of his mouth.They caught it in their onrush.How will Cairo cope with this onrush of humanity?onrush ofa sudden onrush of water
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