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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishopen-airˌopen-ˈair adjective [usually before noun]  OUT/OUTSIDEhappening or existing outdoors syn outdoor open-air concerts an open-air swimming pool
Examples from the Corpus
open-airIndoor pools exist, and Moscow boasts a year-round, heated open-air affair between the Kremlin and the Defence Ministry.We had lunch at an open-air cafe in the city square.In summer there are open-air concerts and theatre performances in the park.The Mayrhofen Brass Band gives regular open-air concerts in fine weather.There's a big open-air market there on Saturdays.an open-air marketMarchers were due to congregate at Market Square for an open-air meeting.Six miles away, at the open-air Minack Theatre, plays are performed with the sea as a backdrop.Opera fans come from all over the country to see open-air performances in a unique setting.There is a small cosy bar with open-air tables.From here it appears to be not the central generating plant of ministerial power but some vast open-air theatre.
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