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open-door policy

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open-door policyˌopen-ˈdoor ˌpolicy noun [countable]  1 LET/ALLOWPPPthe principle of allowing people and goods to move into a country freely They’re pushing forward economic reform and an open-door policy.2 the principle of allowing anyone to come to a place at any time, for example in order to discuss something
Examples from the Corpus
open-door policyHe has an open-door policy, which means that staff are encouraged to come and see him if they have problems.He can not listen to those who, however well-intentioned, say we should operate an open-door policy.These remarks were highly embarrassing for the government and brought out the different opinions within the party on the open-door policy.Suddenly the open-door policy was in question and was in need of modification.
From Longman Business Dictionaryopen-door policyopen-ˈdoor ˌpolicy [countable, uncountable]1COMMERCEwhen a country encourages businesses from other countries to invest in it and to trade with it‘We are trying to follow an open-door policy, ’ said the finance minister.2HUMAN RESOURCES an official system where the top managers of a company deal with employeescomplaintsThe company has an open-door policy that allows employees to pursue complaints against their supervisor all the way to the chairman’s office. policy
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