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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishopen-endedˌopen-ˈended adjective  1 LIMITsomething that is open-ended does not have a definite answer or definite rules about how it must be done an open-ended question These interviews are fairly open-ended.2 FREE TO DO WHAT YOU WANTwithout a particular ending time an open-ended agreement
Examples from the Corpus
open-endedThe summit meeting was intended to be wide-ranging and open-ended.The problem here is more open-ended.This would contradict the open-ended accessibility that is the hallmark of unit trusts.As well as practice exercises, students should be encouraged to do more open-ended activities.The maintenance of bit-perfect records requires an open-ended commitment to periodic copying and checking.We were given open-ended leads such as: Where does your answer fit in?The optimists, endowed with faith in science, technology, and the free market, see open-ended possibilities for mankind.Although this trigger, like other triggers, presents open-ended problematic situations, critical thinking does not occur spontaneously.He didn't know how to reply to the open-ended question.an open-ended run at the theaterScrawly tunes, cloudy observations, open-ended sentiments ultimately leading to an unsatisfactory half-digested aftertaste.
From Longman Business Dictionaryopen-endedˌopen-ˈended adjective if someone’s involvement in something is open-ended, it has no limit or endThe White House asked Congress for open-ended authority to cover the Pentagon’s costs.Our commitment to the project is totally open-ended, and we will pay all expenses.
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