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open fire (on something)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishopen fire (on something)open fire (on something)PMWSHOOTto start shooting at someone or something Troops opened fire on the rioters. open
Examples from the Corpus
open fire (on something)Clothes are hung from nails, and cooking is done over an open fire.No wonder they had opened fire.Never stand over an open fire as Victorian fathers used to do.The battery... ascends the hill towards the Henry house and opens fire at close range.Then he opened fire at point-blank range, first at Cha, then at Park, severely wounding them both.Rebels hiding in jungle outside the village opened fire, killing one policeman.He is charged with ordering his subordinates to open fire on Tangi-Chu.There are two comfortable lounges with open fires, one with a large collection of books for guests to read.
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