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open houseˌopen ˈhouse noun  1 [countable] American EnglishSETI a day when a school or organization invites the public to come in and see the work that is done there Parents are invited to attend the open house next Thursday.2 [uncountable]FRIENDLY British English if it is open house at someone’s home, people are always welcome to visit at any time He kept open house for a wide range of artists and writers.3 [countable] a party at someone’s house that you can come to at any time during a particular period We’re having an open house Sunday, noon to 5 pm.4 [countable] American EnglishBBSELL an occasion when someone who is selling their house lets everyone who is interested in buying it come to see it
Examples from the Corpus
open houseAdditionally, an open house for those interested in participating in the training class is planned for sometime in late spring.Wanda's having an open house Saturday to show off her new condo.When it became open house, more people were touched and inspired.Free open house runs from 10 a. m. to 4 p. m. at most Northwest stations.Philips Plaza ring in the consumerist season with a holiday open house.Easy enough to keep open house when some one else pays, isn't it?People begin to arrive uninvited, so that Howard and Felicity find themselves keeping more or less open house.It's open house at the Maxwells'.
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