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open market

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishopen marketˌopen ˈmarket noun  1 on the open market2 [countable usually singular] a system which makes it easy to buy and sell goods with other countries, because there are few restrictions There is now an open market within the European Community.
Examples from the Corpus
open marketThe Bank could, and did, make Bank Rate effective by open market operations.efforts to establish a more competitive open market in the former Soviet UnionIt said that the capital's availability in the open market was doubtful and suspect.I hadn't been on the open market for so long.Priced on the open market, they would sell for tens and tens of billions of dollars.
From Longman Business Dictionaryopen marketˌopen ˈmarket [singular]ECONOMICS a market where foreign competitors are allowedThe main aim of the World Trade Organisation is to promote open markets worldwide. market
Related topics: Finance, Economics
open-marketˌopen-ˈmarket adjective [only before a noun] ECONOMICSFINANCEin an open-market action, operation etc, a CENTRAL BANK increases or reduces the MONEY SUPPLY (=the amount of money in the economy)a Federal Reserve open-market operation that injected $1 billion of cash into the banking system
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