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open the door/way to something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishopen the door/way to somethingopen the door/way to something (also open doors)CHANCE/OPPORTUNITY to make an opportunity for something to happen Research on genes should open the door to exciting new medical treatments. If the record is successful, it could open doors for my career. open
Examples from the Corpus
open the door/way to somethingI opened the door to find Mrs Puri standing to attention outside.This design decision was taken to open the door to integration of hypermedia mail, news, and information access.This was when somebody opened the door to the inner sanctum where the support band was playing.Lonnie Ali opens the door to the kitchen.She opened the door to the living room.Once you open the door to things that are not related to the Holocaust, where do you draw the line?He lifts open the door to throw in another pine slab.
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