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open the floodgates

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishopen the floodgatesopen the floodgatesa) LET/ALLOWif something opens the floodgates, or if the floodgates open, it suddenly becomes possible for a lot of things to happen which were prevented from happening before If this case is successful it could open the floodgates for thousands of similar claims. There are fears that the floodgates will open and large numbers of parents will take their children out of school. b) SHOW A FEELING OR ATTITUDEif the floodgates open, or if something opens the floodgates, someone begins to cry and show their emotions after keeping them hidden His display of kindness to her opened the floodgates again, and she began to sob loudly. floodgate
Examples from the Corpus
open the floodgatesThe case could open the floodgates for thousands of similar claims worldwide.Any change in the law could open the floodgates to increased immigration.Its authors say the motorway has opened the floodgates for development on a scale planners hadn't envisaged.So he opened the floodgates of the South Platte River and unleashed 96 million gallons of rushing water.California's first execution may open the floodgates.This easing of restrictions opened the floodgates for commercial Internet access.The score that opened the floodgates came out of nothing after 62 minutes.A move like this will open the floodgates.
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