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openero‧pen‧er /ˈəʊpə $ ˈoʊpənər/ noun [countable]  1 DHHa tool that is used to open cans, bottles etc a can opener a bottle opener2 DSFIRSTthe first of a series of games in a sports competition They are hoping to win tomorrow’s opener against New Zealand.3 for openers
Examples from the Corpus
openeran electric can openerThey were there because the can opener that came with the caravan was worn out.I don't want to give up modern conveniences such as my computer or garage door opener.Next Sunday will be easier, against Jacksonville in the Raiders' home opener.He picked up a letter opener from his table and slipped the blade into one of the bags.the Nuggets' season openerYou had the Yanks falling behind 5-0 in the opener only to go back-to-back-to-back.O'Neill won the opener on the final ball but was then hit with breaks of 77,60 and 56.bottle openerMake a check list of essential items such as a corkscrew, bottle opener and a sharp knife for cutting bread etc.Each of us takes a turn with the bottle opener.