1 noun
1 [countable] the time when a new building, road etc is used for the first time, or when a public event begins, especially when it involves a special ceremony
opening of
the official opening of the new theatre
the opening of the Cannes film festival
2 [countable] a hole or space in something
opening in
a narrow opening in the fence
3 [countable usually singular] the beginning or first part of something
opening of
at the opening of the trial
4 [countable] a job that is available:
There are very few openings in scientific research.
5 [countable] a chance for someone to do or say something
opening for
His question left an opening for me to say exactly what I thought.
6 [uncountable] when something opens, or is opened
opening of
I was startled by the sudden opening of the door.

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