Date: 1300-1400
Language: French
Origin: Latin opinio


o‧pin‧ion S1 W2
1 [uncountable and countable] your ideas or beliefs about a particular subjectCOLLOCATIONS COLLOCATIONS
in somebody's opinion general/popular opinion (=what most people think about something) public opinion (=what ordinary people think about something) somebody's personal opinion difference of opinion a matter of opinion ask (for) somebody's opinion express/give/state an opinion strong opinion keep your opinions to yourself (=not say what you really think) contrary to popular opinion (=despite what most people think)
opinion about
The two women had very different opinions about drugs.
opinion of
What's your opinion of Cathy?
opinion on
He asked his wife's opinion on every important decision.
It's a terrible shame, in my opinion, that the building was knocked down.
The general opinion is that the new law is a good thing.
Politicians should listen to popular opinion.
These are just my own personal opinions.
Whether or not this is useful is a matter of opinion.
Everyone has the right to express an opinion.
Contrary to popular opinion, chocolate is quite good for you.
Jody is a person with very strong opinions.
! Do not say 'according to someone's opinion'. Say either according to someone or in someone's opinion. view1 (1)

; ➔ in my humble opinion

at humble1 (3)
2 [countable] judgement or advice from a professional person about something:
When choosing an insurance policy it's best to get an independent opinion.
My doctor says I need an operation, but I've asked for a second opinion (=advice from a second doctor to make sure that the first advice is right).
They took the painting to get an expert opinion (=an opinion from someone who knows a lot).

have a high/low/good/bad etc opinion of somebody/something

to think that someone or something is very good or very bad:
They have a very high opinion of Paula's work.

be of the opinion (that)

to think that something is true:
I was firmly of the opinion that we should not give Jackson any more money.

➔ a difference of opinion

at difference (6)

; ➔ be a matter of opinion

at matter1 (12), public opinion

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