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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishopinionatedo‧pin‧ion‧at‧ed /əˈpɪnjəneɪtɪd/ adjective  THINK/HAVE THE OPINION THATexpressing very strong opinions about things I found him very arrogant and opinionated.
Examples from the Corpus
opinionatedI really like opinionated actors who have a strong idea of their character.Dana was opinionated and liked to have the last word in an argument.Derek is bombastic, opinionated and very happy to correct his wife in public.It was a changing group of opinionated, articulate people possessed of varying degrees of talent and of variable character.opinionated professorsBut now she will be able to return to her outspoken, opinionated self.Representing a distinct, highly opinionated voting bloc, his was a political voice that could not be ignored.And she looks up to me for what she sees as my drive, my opinionated wit.
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