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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishopposedop‧posed /əˈpəʊzd $ əˈpoʊzd/ ●●○ adjective [not before noun]  1 be opposed to something2 AGAINST/OPPOSEtwo ideas that are opposed to each other are completely different from each other The principles of capitalism and socialism are diametrically opposed (=completely opposite).3 as opposed to something
Examples from the Corpus
opposedBroadly, these tensions result from two diametrically opposed approaches to social research - positivism and naturalism.Knowledge and experience are not opposed but related, and there is a profound spiritual logic in the relationship.The movements did not so much drift apart as come to represent opposed interests.But what are in one sense dramatically opposed kinds of relationship are in another simply alternative celebrations of masculinity.As to the latter, the Jenkins and Diamond Reports took diametrically opposed positions.A more fundamental problem is that the agency is being asked by Congress to do two diametrically opposed things.They aim to make it possible for those opposed to remain in the Church and be able to operate.They also say that they have discovered that this tends to produce two dramatically opposed views.diametrically opposedHe feels that his Christian beliefs and the principle of capitalism are diametrically opposed.But it was not only different: the two were diametrically opposed.The assumptions in the two systems are almost diametrically opposed.Despite these views being diametrically opposed, both exist simultaneously in attitudes to retired people.Therefore, introspection and self-observation are diametrically opposed in action and effect, and should never be confused one with another.In essence, the founding giants of the computer industry were diametrically opposed in both platform and product.It is clear that Guthrie and Linforth follow diametrically opposed methods and reach contradictory conclusions about the nature and existence of Orphism.To begin with, he was diametrically opposed to the economic ideas advocated by Adam Smith.A more recent image is diametrically opposed to this and emphasizes the affluence of later life.
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