3 noun
opposite3 [countable]
1 a person or thing that is as different as possible from someone or something else
opposite of
What's the opposite of 'optimistic'?
She's quite shy, the exact opposite of Becky.
The two men were complete opposites - Simon tall and fair, Clive short and dark.
If anything, the opposite was true.
Is it sensible to think of masculine/feminine as polar opposites (=exactly or completely opposite)?

not ... just/quite the opposite

used to say that something is completely different from what has just been said:
I didn't feel sleepy at all - just the opposite, in fact.

opposites attract

used to say that often people who have completely different characters become friends or are attracted to each other

in front, opposite, face
If something or someone is in front of a building, they are directly outside the front of it Meet me in front of the station.If something or someone is opposite a building, they are outside the front of it on the other side of a street, area of land etc the fields opposite the schoolUse the verb face to say that a building has something outside the front of it My apartment block faces (NOT is in front of) the sea. a house facing the square
in front of, before
!! Use in front of not 'before', to talk about doing something so that people can see or hear you I had to explain myself in front of (NOT before) the whole class.!! Use before, not 'in front of',to talk about the order in which things happen Before starting (NOT In front of starting), let's list what we have to do.See also front

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