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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishoppressedop‧pressed /əˈprest/ adjective  1 CONTROLa group of people who are oppressed are treated unfairly or cruelly and are prevented from having the same rights as other people have oppressed minoritiesthe oppressed (=people who are oppressed)2 FREE TO DO WHAT YOU WANTsomeone who is oppressed feels unhappy, worried, or uncomfortable
Examples from the Corpus
oppressedShe has welcomed the oppressed and disowned of the world to this paranoiac dreamscape for nearly a hundred years.The potential for other oppressed groups to be autonomously organized also put pressure on the Union to question its structures and attitudes.Mannheim argues that such ideologies are usually found in oppressed groups whose members want radical change.It means that women should seize communication power for their own emancipation and the liberation of all oppressed groups.It is usually associated with oppressed minorities.Gerry: It's really strange how the special interest groups of oppressed people came into existence.He's an oppressed worker doing a horrible job.They were no longer the oppressed, wretched teen menials who must take orders, toe the line.
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