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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishoptimismop‧ti‧mis‧m /ˈɒptəmɪzəm $ ˈɑːp-/ ●●○ noun [uncountable]  EXPECTa tendency to believe that good things will always happen opp pessimismgrounds/cause/reason for optimism Recent results must give some cause for optimism. There are grounds for cautious optimism.mood/sense of optimism a new sense of optimism in the countryoptimism (that) There was optimism that an agreement could be reached.optimism about I don’t share his optimism about our chances of success.COLLOCATIONSadverbsgreat optimismThe team was in a mood of great optimism.considerable optimismThese figures indicate that we can go into next year with considerable optimism.cautious/guarded optimism (=the belief that a future situation will be good or better than before, although you cannot be not sure)The U.N. sees cause for cautious optimism in what has been achieved so far.He expressed guarded optimism about the company's future.false optimism (=optimism based on wrong ideas or information)In his speech he warned against false optimism about the immediate future.initial/early optimism (=optimism that you feel at the start of a process, especially when it does not continue)There was initial optimism about a breakthrough in relations between the two countries. new/renewed optimism (=optimism that you start to feel again, after you stopped feeling it)The new leadership has brought renewed optimism.verbsexpress optimismDiplomats expressed optimism about the progress of the talks.share somebody's optimism (=feel the optimism that someone else feels)After so many problems, I found it hard to share his optimism.optimism growsHis optimism grew as the time came nearer for his release.optimism prevails/reigns (=optimism is the strongest feeling)Despite the crisis, optimism prevailed.phrasesbe grounds/cause/reason for optimismThe lower crime figures are certainly grounds for optimism.a mood/sense of optimismA mood of optimism prevails in the White House.a wave/surge of optimism (=a sudden strong feeling of optimism)The team are riding a wave of optimism after their recent victory.be (little/no) room for optimism (=have a possibility that things might get better)There is little room for optimism in the current financial situation.be full of optimism (=be feeling that good things will happen)The 1970s began full of optimism and confidence about world development .
Examples from the Corpus
optimismWe liked Mr Clinton's energy and optimism, and we had endorsed him largely on the strength of them.They always want the news to be good, and they want their leaders to represent their collective optimism.Mr Major based his optimism on figures which showed factory output was rising.We all bought his optimism, of course.The new approach is generally supported by child support collectors, but some think Morales' optimism is unrealistic.There is a mood of optimism among Socialist Party supporters tonight.In a triumph of optimism over realism, the Fontis left New York for their vacation.This is the optimism upon which all golf is rooted.the optimism of the post-war periodthe optimism of the postwar yearsBut before proceeding to optimism I have to introduce some harsh truths.optimism (that)More favourable demographics provide a second reason for optimism.Her optimism, her joy of life in those last hours, had nourished the medical staff.The new approach is generally supported by child support collectors, but some think Morales' optimism is unrealistic.The gift of energy imparted by the young is stabilized and given reassurance by the quiet optimism of survivors.His message is one of Reaganesque optimism, incongruously delivered in a Forbesian monotone.That optimism was immediately contradicted by Haider's provocative comments.Reagan can not be understood unless one accepts that he had this optimism from his head to his toes.Another is that they have an in-built bias towards optimism, always looking on the bright side of life.
From Longman Business Dictionaryoptimismop‧ti‧mis‧m /ˈɒptəmɪzəmˈɑːp-/ noun [uncountable] a feeling or belief that things will get better or be more successful in the futureThere is an air of optimism now in Taiwan.optimism aboutShares gained from renewed optimism about interest-rate cuts.
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