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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishoptimisticop‧ti‧mis‧tic /ˌɒptəmɪstɪk◂ $ ˌɑːp-/ ●●○ adjective  1 EXPECTbelieving that good things will happen in the future opp pessimisticoptimistic about Bankers are cautiously optimistic about the country’s economic future.optimistic (that) We are still relatively optimistic that the factory can be saved. Andrew took a more optimistic view.2 HOPEthinking that things will be better, easier, or more successful than is actually possible an optimistic estimateover-optimistic British English somewhat over-optimistic expectationsTHESAURUSoptimistic believing that good things will happenI’m optimistic about our chances of winning.an optimistic view of the futurehopeful believing that what you hope for will happenThe test results made him feel more hopeful about his chances of recovery.positive thinking about what is good in a situation, rather than what is badTry to be more positive about your work.She has a very positive attitude to life.upbeat having a cheerful attitude and showing that you expect to succeed, or that a situation will get better, especially the economic or political situationThe prime minister was upbeat, predicting that the economy would soon come out of recession.an upbeat message about the party’s chances of winning the electionbullish feeling confident about the future – used especially when talking the economic situation, or a company’s chances of successHe’s very bullish about the company’s prospects.Stockmarket analysts expect the bullish trend to continue.sanguine formal hopeful and not worried about what will happen in the future, especially when the situation seems difficult – a very formal useKoons himself somehow remains sanguine in the face of all the criticism.Other commentators are less sanguine, and fear that the world economy is on the verge of recession.rosy if the future or your life seems rosy, it seems good and you expect good things to happenThe future looks rosy for the team.Returning soldiers found life less rosy than they had hoped.The price of oil keeps going up, and things look pretty rosy for the big oil companies.look on the bright side to consider the good parts of a situation, which seems bad in many other ways – used especially when telling someone that they should do thisLook on the bright side – it could have been a lot worse.
Examples from the Corpus
optimisticThe builders might have done even better last year had buyers been more optimistic.In spite of all her problems she manages to remain optimistic.I got optimistic about making music again through my friends down there, like Nic.I'm pretty optimistic about our chances of winning here today.I am very optimistic about the future of our company.But I feel even more optimistic about the future of our world now than I did then.Generation X, best known for its pierced bodies and jaded outlook, is more optimistic about Wall Street than previous generations.an optimistic economic forecastHe may be judged excessively optimistic, however, if not utterly desperate, in seeking the votes of leading opposition politicians.The company was overly optimistic in its sale projections.The Democrats went into this election in an optimistic mood.The patient is still in a critical condition but doctors say they are cautiously optimistic that he will make a full recovery.Are you still optimistic that the climbers can be rescued?We are cautiously optimistic that the trade deal will go through.But am I optimistic that things will change?Although his lawyers were optimistic, they couldn't be sure about the final outcome of the trial.optimistic (that)For 1996, however, analysts are cautiously optimistic.Recent surveys show previous estimates of whale numbers to be wildly optimistic.This is generally held to be wildly optimistic, and in some quarters, an impossible timescale.Chapter 3 offers an alternative view of mainstream modernism-as fundamentally pragmatic, optimistic and urban.Such an idea might sound rather optimistic, but some power generators are already trying to look environmentally friendly by doing it.Specialists on Indochina were considerably less optimistic during the early days of the Truman administration.Still, even for the eternally optimistic Mullin, having a fourth straight season wrecked by injury has bothered him.Under the most optimistic scenarios, it will take 20 years to dispose of the weapons currently viewed as excess.Authorities say they are optimistic the killer will be caught.
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