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... or/and whatever (else)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English... or/and whatever (else)... or/and whatever (else)THINGused after mentioning one or two things to mean other things of the same kind You could put an advert in some magazine, journal, newspaper, or whatever. whatever
Examples from the Corpus
... or/and whatever (else)And the same thing applies to people who have collections of quite valueless things: baskets, keys, hats or whatever.And then they go and tell their friends that it's either good or bad or whatever.I was feeling like I had to wrap things up and get dinner for the kids, or whatever.Learning about landscape design, you know - using natural features, hills or rivers or whatever - and improving on it.It favors close-up pictures and whatever can be seen in the immediate foreground.There was a swift flow of air through the room, and whatever it was moved and sat down on the chair.Politics, sexuality or whatever, must be a framework to build on, not a rigid cage which restricts change.
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