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or else

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishor elseor elsespoken a) used to say that there will be a bad result if someone does not do something Hurry up or else we’ll miss the train. b) used to say what another possibility might be The salesman will reduce the price or else include free insurance. c) used to threaten someone Hand over the money, or else! else
Examples from the Corpus
or elseGet me my money by next week or else.He would make that clear, or else he would have no part in the raid.It must be important, or else he wouldn't have called at 3 a.m.He seemed to want to help them or else his plan was much deeper than they knew.The bolder innovation comes direct by rescript from the emperor or else is a result of his influence.All the characters would find decisions much easier if evil were unquestionably either just Boethian or else just Manichaean.He was bright and alive, and made those around him live more vividly or else move on.Some of them continued to pursue him, or else Orestes thought that they did.The old masters merely dammed streams and created lakes to break up the landscape or else reflect its beauty.He thought you had to be a model or a dancer, or else something in showbiz.They must have thought everything was safe, or else they would have warned us.
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