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or otherwise

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishor otherwiseor otherwiseespecially British EnglishOPPOSITE/REVERSE used to refer to the opposite of what has just been mentioned We welcome any comments from viewers, favourable or otherwise. The truth or otherwise of this diagnosis would be revealed in the future. otherwise
Examples from the Corpus
or otherwiseI can't see any advantage in changing my job - financially or otherwise.Prizes must be accepted as offered, there can be no alternative awards, cash or otherwise.Space is devoted in the final chapter to considerations of the mentalism, or otherwise, of metrical structures.The lower limit to transition even for very large disturbances is provided by the growth or otherwise of slugs.Many factors contribute to the effectiveness or otherwise of the various techniques.Advisedly or otherwise, the Regent Douglas was doing as he had part-proposed.I too wanted to stand, silent or otherwise, upon that peak in Darién.Regional variations - Gallican or otherwise - were disapproved, whether liturgical, theological or pastoral.Every haulier, wittingly or otherwise, will become involved to some extent in Customs 88 procedures.
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