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or rather

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishor ratheror ratherCORRECTused before correcting something that you have said, or giving more specific information We all went in Vic’s car, or rather his father’s. rather
Examples from the Corpus
or ratherIt is fear, or rather fears, that I want to speak about in this book.But he'd had that last night - or rather, in the small hours of the morning.It is related to the hedgehog, or rather it belongs to the same family of insectivores.I was usually the active partner, or rather it was usually I who initiated a kiss or an embrace.Now I have asked Deborah whether I may speak with her son or rather listen to him.It was really my doing, or rather my drawings, that had brought us to this brink.Here comes the post, or rather the copter.But puberty, or rather the onset of menstruation, changed all that.
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