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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishorationo‧ra‧tion /əˈreɪʃən, ɔː-/ noun [countable]  TALK/MAKE A SPEECHa formal public speech
Examples from the Corpus
orationWhen his oration ended, the rector felt sufficiently relieved to try and figure out what to do.On Wednesday, Byrd quoted Cicero and Aristotle in a long oration on the evils of the line-item veto.Perhaps this was another part of his very cunning, and well performed oration.Families turned out en masse to listen to the orations and participate in the fun.Many experienced speakers mar their conversations as well as their orations with a profusion of ums and ers which distract attention.Outside, the world was waiting for Mr Major's victory oration and shortly after 1.00 he made for the front door.
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