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orchestralor‧ches‧tral /ɔːˈkestrəl $ ɔːr-/ adjective  APMrelating to or written for an orchestra orchestral music
Examples from the Corpus
orchestralBut he conducted the preludes and important orchestral episodes with admirable breadth and dramatic zeal.The orchestral musicians were filing out, also formally dressed.For most, it was their first opportunity to see a live orchestral performance.In 1763 the highest orchestral salary went to the premier violon, Le Bel.As in other orchestral sections jazz has played a very important part in developing and even inventing new effects.Their collaborations set unsurpassed standards for jazz in an orchestral setting and for jazz soloists.Wigglesworth has strong feelings about orchestral training.These keyboard versions of three famous orchestral works shimmer with vivacity.
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