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orchidor‧chid /ˈɔːkɪd $ ˈɔːr-/ noun [countable]  orchid.jpg HBPa plant that has flowers which are brightly coloured and unusually shaped
Examples from the Corpus
orchidThere were salamanders and orchids of endangered varieties.The Nashs have four hundred orchids ... but just sixty are considered ready for exhibiting.The white casket was covered with a spray of irises, orchids and apricot-colored roses.On the cliff top, marsh orchids, pink and lush, clustered in damp hollows.With deliberation, I pulled up all my orchids and threw them, strewn with crumbs of earth, into the wheel-barrow.This is a site of national importance for its variety of wold flowers, including many species of orchid.Bill got the orchid bug from an old neighbour who encouraged him to to start breeding the plants.She was drawn to the orchid display by the Three Rivers Orchid Society.
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