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order book

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishorder bookˈorder ˌbook noun [countable usually plural] especially British English  a record of how many goods or services a company has been asked to provide, which shows how successful it is financially Our order books are full at the moment.
Examples from the Corpus
order bookNow one has a healthier order book while the other finds its delivery times and its storage needs slashed.For example, the employer may be shown to have an increased order book after the invention has been patented.With the help of the Greyhound Bank it acquired Dan Air assets but grew quickly as its order book grew.By 1950 the order book was full to overflowing.I don't know what productivity you have to show in your job, in mine it's the order book.
From Longman Business Dictionaryorder bookˈorder book noun [countable] a book listing all the orders for goods or services a company has received; also used to talk about the orders themselvesThe company said its order book now lists 742 planes.It’s not the only business that can’t keep its order books filled.
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