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order of magnitude

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishorder of magnitudeˌorder of ˈmagnitude noun (plural orders of magnitude) [countable]  1 if something is an order of magnitude greater or smaller than something else, it is ten times greater or smaller in size or amount2 the scale of the size of something That was a problem but this crisis is of a different order of magnitude.
Examples from the Corpus
order of magnitudeThis is down an order of magnitude from the gas-coal mixture approach.In the infrared, extinction by dust is an order of magnitude smaller than in the visible portion of the spectrum.Switched hubs can improve network efficiency by more than an order of magnitude.All these matters are indeed of a lower order of magnitude than those which had been fought for under Lanfranc and Anselm.These figures serve to indicate a relative order of magnitude.People are normally considered to be risk-averse over amounts of the order of magnitude of their incomes.
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