2 verb
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order2 S2 W2

ask for food/drink

[intransitive and transitive] to ask for food or a drink in a restaurant, bar etc:
Anne ordered another glass of wine.
Are you ready to order?
He sat down and ordered a meal.

ask for goods

[intransitive and transitive]BBT to ask for goods or services to be supplied:
I've ordered a new computer from the supplier.
order somebody something
I'll order you a taxi.

tell somebody to do something

[transitive] to tell someone that they must do something, especially using your official power or authority:
The court ordered his release from prison.
'Stay right there,' she ordered.
order somebody to do something
Tom was ordered to pay £300 as compensation.
Her doctor had ordered her to rest for a week.
be ordered back to something
The soldiers were ordered back to their units.
order that
He ordered that the house be sold.


[transitive] to arrange something in an order:
The list is ordered alphabetically.

order somebody around

phrasal verb
to give someone orders in an annoying or threatening way:
How dare he order her about like that?

order somebody ↔ out

phrasal verb
PMSCP to order soldiers or police to go somewhere to stop violent behaviour by a crowd:
The governor decided to order out the National Guard.

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