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ordinary shares

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ordinary sharesˌordinary ˈshares noun [plural] technical  BFSthe largest part of a company’s capital, which is owned by people who have the right to vote at meetings and to receive part of the company’s profits
Examples from the Corpus
ordinary sharesAccordingly, canals offered the only widespread opportunity of investing in £100 ordinary shares.Sketchley requires you to hold 300 ordinary shares, costing about £3.71 each, to qualify for its discount.On 31 December 1986 the managing director still held 50 ordinary shares in the company.Sound Diffusion ordinary shares were suspended in December at 22p and the group asked its bankers to appoint a receiver.Forte has 949 million ordinary shares outstanding.The issue of new ordinary shares can lead to a shift in the balance of power in the offeror.The ordinary shares become ex-dividend on 19 April 1993.Venture capitalists will usually want ordinary shares as well as loan capital or preference shares in return for their investment.
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